Psychic TV - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

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Psychic TV - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 

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Merzbow - Live at Soviet Army Officers House Hall, March 24, 1988

Samuel Barber - Adagio for strings, op.11 Choir

"Harder On My Eyes to see through the black night,
Acid it is burning in my brain, from the inside.
I am looking to the obscure infinity,
To only realize, everything is a lie.
Nothing exist…”

An acid-ent happen, and this track was born; noise was everywhere. Noise, not music.


Merzbow – Voices Of Animal

A track that appear on the Manifesto Rumorarmonico Post Futurista - Tributo A Luigi Russolo

Voices from the Lake

Voices from the Lake is an intensely personal project borne out of the long-standing friendship between two Italian DJ/producers, Donato Dozzy and Neel. The project extends and deepens their explorations of ambient techno, with an emphasis firmly placed on the ‘techno’ component. Listening to Voices from the Lake is an immersive experience, as the textured beats and carefully crafted rhythms have a deeply hypnotic effect. The open, fluid structure of the music gives it an organic, natural feel, transporting you to more peaceful surroundings. With the music of Voices from the Lake there is a completely natural progression and flow, nothing is forced or hurried. The sounds develop and unfold at their own pace, creating a powerful sense of tranquility.The genesis of the Voices from the Lake album can be found in the mountains of Japan, where they made their live debut at The Labyrinth festival in 2011. This album recreates and refines that performance. 

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SILENT EM - Cold decade

Silent Em is a prolific solo project from NYC, from members of Only Edges. They first 7” “Case Unclear" is about to be release by FlexiWave.


Viento Gris
by ·Y·

Y is an excellent duo from Barcelona, with local punk background, that through analogue synthesizers, bring us back that rare and unique darkwave-spanish sound from the 80’s, with the only difference that they just release they first LP.



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